expert flute repair

Expert flute repair

ESTABLISHED close to Cahors in the SW of France, I bring more than 30 years of specialist experience to the repair and maintenance of flutes and piccolos.

Offering the highest quality professional service to musicians, I will ensure your instrument is playing at its best, leaving you to concentrate on your playing.

You can be sure that the utmost care will be taken with your flute or piccolo whether your requirements are minor adjustments or major custom alterations.

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Wooden headjoints

I am very pleased to present my range of wooden headjoints. Handmade by me here in Nuzéjouls, they are designed for use with all modern flutes.

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Visit to Paris 28 Feb - 3 Mar, 2019

I will be available in Paris for four days:
28 February, 1 March, 2 March, 3 March 2019
Please contact me to make an appointment to try my headjoints.
05 65 23 82 19
06 04 15 09 67

Nice 25, 26 Oct 2019 - 4th International Flute Competition

Exhibitions 2018

Porto 12 - 14 Feb 2018 - Porto Flute Festival
Valencia 6 - 8 April 2018 - 5th Spanish Flute Convention
Cubertou, France 12 - 18 August 2018 - Intermediate and Advanced flute course with Philippa Davies
Geneva 4 - 7 Oct 2018 - La Côte Flute Festival

Latest photos

All my repair work receives the utmost care and attention to detail, including older flutes which demand more complex repair techniques to bring them back to life. Here are some photos of my restorations of beautiful old flutes.

Restoration of an extremely important historical flute. One of the very first cylindrical flutes ever made, attributed to Boehm, Lot and Godfroy.

Restoration of a rare silver Clair Godfroy flute.

Restoration of a beautiful cocus wood cylindrical Clair Godfroy flute.

Restoration of a beautiful silver Clair Godfroy flute.

Restoration of a cocus wood Rudall Carte flute with silver keys.

Restoration of a silver Louis Lot flute.

Restoration of a rare Louis Lot conical flute with B foot.

Restoration of a wooden Louis Lot flute.

Restoration of a beautiful Louis Lot silver flute.