flute repair

Standard Repairs

see Prices for the cost of these procedures.

Cleaning, general mechanism adjustments, pad adjustments as necessary, oiling.
A Service will normally take 3 - 5 days to complete.

(for instruments not requiring extensive polishing or mechanical attention)
Dismantling, cleaning, complete re-padding, replacement of corks, felts, general adjustments, oiling, head cork replacement.

(This will restore the instrument as far as possible to ‘as new’ condition)
Complete stripping down, removal of minor dents, head and foot joint fitting, de-pinning, removal of excessive mechanism play and re-alignment of mechanism, cleaning and polishing of body and keys, complete re-padding, cork and felt replacement, general adjustments, oiling, head cork replacement.
An Overhaul or Re-padding will normally take 7 - 14 days to complete.

Minor work

- Head cork replacement
- Adjustments to joints
- Partial adjustments
- Dent removal
- Cleaning and oiling
- Soldering
Other work that doesn’t normally come under the above headings is quoted for separately or added to other procedures. This includes removal of serious dents, all accidental damage repairs, fitting of joints (other than normal adjustment), spring replacement, replating and all structural alterations.


Restoration of old instruments old instrument repair

I have many years experience of restoring old instruments in wood or metal. These usually have their own difficulties eg. wood cracking, solder joints failing, but with careful attention and skill they can be made to perform beautifully again.

Custom Keywork
key extensions

Customising flute and piccolo keywork can help to alleviate discomfort and pain or can enhance the performance of your instrument.
Most flutes are manufactured in 'one size fits all' but all players are different. I can personalise your instrument to suit your needs. top G sharp

Advanced Repair Techniques

Straubinger padding
Straubinger Flute

I am an authorised installer of world renowned Straubinger pads. I am happy to advise you if these pads would be suitable for your flute

Cork padding for piccolos

For top quality piccolos, nothing is quite as reliable as cork padding.
The best cork pads, free of blemish, once installed correctly are highly resistant to moisture and make the most stable padding and are therefore very reliable. The installation is more time consuming and precise but the performance is worth the cost.

Crack repair

If it is appropiate, binding with carbon fibre ribbon embedded in epoxy resin is the most stable method of repair for cracks in wooden instruments.

flute care

Flute Care

The flute is a very delicate musical instrument and care must be taken to ensure it continues to play well. Normally this is just common sense - don't throw your flute around, don't leave it on chairs, don't grab it by the keys etc.
The two most important things you can do to keep your flute in good condition are
- always keep it in its case when not in use and
- always clean it out after playing to remove the moisture from inside with a cleaning rod and an absorbent cloth.

Along with regular attention from a flute specialist, these measures will go a long way to ensuring maximum enjoyment from your flute.


Free of charge, I offer expert advice on all matters technical concerning the flute. e.g. headjoint fitting, tuning problems, suitability of keywork.
If you have any questions or would like to make a booking for repair, you can call me on 05 65 23 82 19 or email me - email